Branding & User Interface

Holabird Sports // 2017 – 2019

laptop and mobile mockup of holabird sports website

The Challenge:

to bring a large retail store from legacy e-commerce platform “Magento” to Shopify, onto mobile devices with full functionality, and into the 21st century!

holabird sports logo revision
holabird sports logotype revision

The Solution:

An Updated Brand Identity

While conducting customer research, two main themes emerged: the high quality of Holabird products, and the charming personal touch of the company. We stuck with the “hs” customers would recognize, making that the primary logo, and swapped the cold sans-serif for a warm yet chic serif font including a period at the end – a nod to the company’s digital future.

& a custom mobile first UI based on in-house expertise

The original Holabird Sports website read like a catalogue, with no room for personality – only products. The need to streamline the extensive product catalogue intersected with an antithetical goal: to reflect why every item is handpicked by our product experts, and we needed to display all of this information in a way that’s still mobile friendly.

mobile first design with SEO
custom display for product specifications
fitness fire blog for storytelling

We designed and built a custom landing page structure to allow users to effortlessly navigate complex product categories and specifications. Informative and SEO optimized content is located in a modern header at the top of all catalogue pages, resulting in an increase in traffic and conversions. Product specifications, from racquet weight to forefoot height are highlighted so customers know exactly what they’re getting. And finally, the voice of our product experts was showcased in the new “Fitness Fire” blog. We found a way to say more with less, and according to the reviews it paid off.

“Great website! Smooth shopping experience and transaction. Will definitely do business with them again


“The whole experience of using your website to check out was flawless”


“Very user-friendly website. Choices are hard to make because everything looks so cool!
…Excellent experience all the way around!”