About Me

I’m the daughter of two artists, and I have been drawing since I was 8 months old. My first “masterpiece” was a drawing of a balloon! Since then, my compulsion to create hasn’t slowed down. That first drawing evolved into years of art, crafting, and design. In addition to my creative nature, my parents instilled something else in me: the importance of equity. Everything in our house was equal, especially between my sister and I – when Easter came around, we had to split our eggs evenly so no one would have less candy. More importantly, they always made sure that we had the same opportunities and resources to succeed.

As I grew up and witnessed the inequality deeply ingrained in our world, I wanted to understand how we got here. This led me to study history alongside graphic design in college. History is the story of the human condition, and studying history has provided me with a means for interpreting the forces that shape our lives. My background in graphic design and social science led me to pursue an MA in Social Design, an human-centered collaborative design process used to understand social problems, and creating tools to support positive change. Through this practice, I aim to harness design thinking in order create a better world.

Let’s Work Together!