Walk in My Shoes: Branding Identity

This logo is part letterform, part pictorial mark. The two figures evoke the form of a walking person. When these individual figure are brought together, they form an infinite “w.” This logo is at the center of the Walk in My Shoes brand identity. The two figures  It evokes the project goal of bringing together individual experiences through VR technology to create something greater than the sum of its parts..

The Wak in My Shoes storytellers are at the heart of this project. The final product is this project is Virtual Reality shorts which will utilize new technology to facilitate experience-sharing for diversity training. The VR shorts will be based in the collision of their stories, similarities and permutations of the 21st century racialized experience. The couch on which the interviews took place represent a point of intersection for these various stories. It is also the source of our branding colors: teal and gold. No matter where they came from, every storyteller ended up sitting on that couch, sharing their story.